July 28, 2010

Anscar J. Chupungco - History of Papal Ceremonial

Martimort traces the formation of the papal ceremonial as follows: (1) its beginnings in the twelfth century, (2) its development in the last quarter of the thirteenth century, (3) the changes brought about by the transfer of the papal court to Avignon in the fourteenth century, (4) the ceremonial in the period of the Great Schism, and finnaly (5) the period of the early Renaissance. In this last period there were two important ceremonials published. The first was the Caeremoniale romanum of Peter of Burgos, the master of ceremonies of Pope Nicholas V (1447 – 1455). The second was De caeremoniis Curiae Romanae libri tres of Agostino Patrizi Piccolomini and John Burckard, who complied their ceremonial at the request of Pope Innocent VIII (1484 – 1492) and submitted it to him in 1488. It was not published, however, until 1516, having been poorly re-worked by Cristoforo Marcello and dedicated to Leo X (1513 – 1521).


Anscar J. Chupungco, Handbook for liturgical studies, vol. V, p. 296.