July 16, 2010

The first publication of "Caeremoniale Romanum" - Fr. Jerzy Stefański, "Tu es Petrus"

Today, on our blog, we wish to post the first study for our readers and visitors. It is titled Tu es Petrus - "Your are Peter" by rev. Jerzy Stefański Ph.D. hab. The study is free and distributed online, which is a novum (save that is may not be used for all purposes, especially anything gainful). The study is under the patronage of liturgia.pl run by the Dominican Liturgical Centre.

Preface excerpt: "This work comprises seven articles by Fr Stefański published 1997 to 2008 in various scientific and liturgical periodicals or magazines. They describe some important events from the life of two most recent Supreme Pontiffs, late Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI. As far as the former is concerned, these include reflections, many-sided commentaries and remarks concerning predominantly his pilgrimages to his Homeland, and the rites following the demise of our Great Compatriot are discussed. As regards the present Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Benedict XVI, Fr Stefański takes a closer look at customs and rites surrounding his election (Conclave) and official inauguration of his Pontificate, which includes e.g. a Solemn High Mass at St Peter’s or taking possession of St John Lateran Cathedral. The entire work is complemented by the presentation of liturgical books and studies of the Office of Papal Liturgical Celebrations".

The study contains 144 pages (incl. a short writer’s short life history, preface, bibliography and a table of contents). The work has a nice graphic design and is easy-to-ready online (and obviously can be printed out). "We hope that it will boost the Readers’ love of the Holy Liturgy, in which the Mysterium Fidei is accomplished, and will stimulate greater love and trust to the presently (and future) reigning Supreme Pontiff – Benedict XVI (and will not allow to forget his predecessors interceding for the Church – headed by them here on earth – to the Merciful God and the Blessed Virgin Mary), which may express through a seemingly small thing – prayer for him, whom Jesus Christ Himself chose and gave the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven" (from the preface).