July 23, 2011

The Inauguration of seven new Cardinals by Pope John XXIII

British Pathé: "MS. Pope John XXIII blessing cardinals of the Catholic church. MS.Three Vatican officials wearing ceremonial dress (16th century design). MS Pope issuing the seven new cardinals with their Galero, the red broad rimmed hat of a cardinal. MS. Pope blessing congregation from his ceremonial throne. MS. Crowd. Pope stepping onto chair, pan as he is carried down the aisle of St. Peter's. GV. New cardinals as they lie prostrate before the high altar of St. Petrenilla. LS. Pan, Pope as he is carried past high altar. GV. Int. St. Peters, the Pope being carried along aisle. MS. SV. Pan, Pope's chair as he is carried through the basilica. LS. BV. Pope as he climbs the steps to his throne and sits down. GV. Ornate clock, pan down to Pope surrounded by chief cardinals. Various shots of clock. GV. Congregation, with television cameras behind them. MS. Pope blessing cardinal. MS. Seven new cardinals. CU. Painting of Virgin Mary. CU. Statue of St. Peter. Various shots of congregation including nuns and monks. MS. Press photographer. MS. Seven new cardinals. CU. Pope John XXIII. CU. Two members of Swiss Papal guard. Various shots of the Pope blessing the cardinals".