July 23, 2011

Mother Seton Beatification

British Pathé: "CU. Portrait of Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, the first American born person to be beatified in Rome. GV. Large tomb in a graveyard at Emmitsburg, Maryland, where Mother Seton was buried in 1809. LV. Large stone house where Mother Seton first started religious community. MS. One of the white walled rooms in the stone house. MS. Small piano which was used for singing of the hymns. MS. Small crucifix in the chapel inside the house. MCU. Portrait of Mother Seton on the wall in house. Various shots of the nuns walking in garden. GV. Large white house in which Mother Seton used to teach. Various shots inside the class rooms of the school where she taught. GV. House on street corner. CU. Sign "Mother Seton Guild". Several shots of the little ornaments on shelf in guild. MS. At night, of American nuns walking down steps of aircraft at Rome Airport - voiceover states that 4000 American pilgrims came to Rome for the ceremony. MS. & CU. Teenage girl Ann O'Neill at the airport. She had the deadly leukaemia and was miraculously cured and is a factor of the beatification. Various shots of Cardinal Spellman of New York arriving in the pilgrimage. GV. Basilica of St. Peter's Church in Rome. Various shots of tapestry dedicated to Mother Seton hanging outside the Basilica. Various shots of the scenes in St. Peter's Square. Various shots inside St. Peter's. Various shots of Pope John XXIII being carried up the aisle. Various shots of a large shrine dedicated to Mother Seton. Various shots of the Pope at prayer in front of shrine and blessing it. Various shots of large shrine which has a picture of Mother Seton mounted on it".