July 24, 2011

Pope John in Feast Day of Virgin Mary

British Pathé: "CU. Statue of Christ. LS. Pillar with statue of Christ at the top. CU. Base of the pillar showing wreaths and Maria written across it. Good close up shot of a nun. CU. Man with movie camera. GV. Crowd. LS. Women watching from balcony. CU. & MS. Members of the Roman Catholic church awaiting Pope's arrival. LS. Huge wreath of lilies is carried into picture. GV. Crowd. Shots of the people watching from balcony. Several shots of the Pope's black limousine arriving, he alights and is greeted and watched as his wreath of lilies is laid at foot of the statue. MS. & CU. Shots of the Pope John XIII kneeling in prayer at a red velvet cushioned bench. Various shots as the Pope wafts burning incense on the monument from a silver dispenser. Panning overhead shot of crowd. Pope enters his car blessing the crowd, pan over crowd. Various shots as the Pope leaves in his glass topped car. MS. Crowd watching. Various shots of the Pope's drive to the Basilica of St. Mary Major, of his arrival and car entering the Basilica. Camera pans up the building. GV. Crowds waiting to see the Pope".