February 2, 2012

Caeremoniale Romanum - BVLLETIN I[III]/MMXII

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

This is the third issue of the “Caeremoniale Romanum – Liturgia et mores Curiae Romanae” bulletin, with a slightly different layout than the past two issues.

This time, touching upon an immensely comprehensive subject, the 20th century liturgical reform (which brought many significant changes and transformations, also in the liturgy offered by the Pope himself), we join in a dispute, which may be summarised as: “Will the Pope Offer the Tridentine Mass?”. We also focus on one rite only (Major Elevation of the Body and Blood of Christ) formerly offered by the Vicars of Christ at Solemn Masses.

May the Jesus Christus bless you all, and Our Lady envelop you with Her maternal mantle of protection!

in Christo Rege
et in Maria semper Virgine