March 5, 2012

Will the Pope offer the 'Tridentine' Mass?

Since the promulgation of motu proprio Summorum Pontificum (07.07.2007) by His Holiness, Benedict XVI, there have been rumours about the Pope privately offering the so-called Tridentine Mass in his apartments. Such information, until now unconfirmed by the Holy See, has often accompanied disputes whether the Pope may, should, or even will publicly offer a Solemn Pontifical Mass (here we could quote some multilingual, often extensive and hot, disputes from many forums).

Sadly, it seems that majority, if not almost all disputants, do not refer to the ancient liturgical law, ancient rites, ceremonies and traditions of the Papal Solemn Mass. Many would wish to see Benedict XVI offer a “solemn” Mass as shown in old photographs and videos.

We are not here to answer the question whether or not this is possible, and on what terms the accommodation of ancient rituals to, let us say, the modern liturgical and canon law were to take place (which would rather be a subject of digressions) – so let us shortly point to some of the many “facts”, difficulties, differences, changes or problems (which appears necessary considering the multitude of erroneous opinions, comments or observations).